3-Ingredient Chicken and Broccoli Bubble Up

PHOTO#7_3-Ingredient_Chicken_Broccoli_Bubble-Up   Today’s recipe is one that I made for Pillsbury and I just had to share it with you all! This recipe is a keeper. Why, you ask? Because just like the title says; it has only 3 ingredients and it is delicious!

   When your kids are chowing down on chicken and broccoli, and telling you it’s the best dinner ever, it’s a total happy Momma moment! Not only was it loved by us all, it is so easy to whip up.

PHOTO#6_3-Ingredient_Chicken_Broccoli_Bubble-Up With only 3 ingredients, there really is not a lot of thought or stress that goes into a dinner like this. I hope you all give it a try!

Head on over to Pillsbury® for the full recipe:

3-Ingredient Chicken and Broccoli Bubble Up


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