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Banana-Monkey-Bread1Happy Friday, my foodie friends. I sometimes ask myself why I even get excited for Fridays when I still have 3 kids to take care of? My work week does not end on Fridays. lol It never ends. But that’s okay. I wouldn’t change it for the world. The only thing I wish is that my kids would TRY to sleep in on the weekends. At least until 8. That would be awesome.. 😉

Okay I’ll stop complaining- and I’ll fill you in on this yummy recipe for Banana Bread Monkey Bread. This is another recipe I made for Pillsbury awhile ago and forgot to share it, so here is it’s grand debut on the blog! This bread is awesome. Like, really awesome. Warm pull-apart bread oozing with caramel, cinnamon and a hint of banana bread flavor. It will have you swooning with it’s gooey deliciousness! 😀 Even if you’re not a banana lover I think you’ll still love this bread. The little pieces of banana are covered in the caramel all warm and heavenly- they practically melt in your mouth. 


This would be so great to serve to guests at a holiday breakfast or brunch. Or for your family for a special weekend breakfast treat! It is sure to impress and I bet will go fast!

Go grab the full recipe and step-by-step instructions over at

Just click on the link below:

  Banana Bread Monkey Bread


This monkey bread tastes just like banana bread and oozes with caramel and cinnamon. The banana pieces almost melt in your mouth!

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