Churro Toffee
This Churro Toffee recipe tastes just like the one from Disneyland! It’s delicious buttery toffee coated in white chocolate and…
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Candy Cane Cake Roll
This Candy Cane Cake Roll is one the funnest desserts I’ve made in awhile! Swirls of red and white cake that’s…
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Oreo Truffles
      I remember the first time I had an Oreo Truffle was at my little sister’s baby shower, 8…
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Kit Kat Candy Bars (2 ingredients!)
   On to recipe No.2 for copycat week! I’m really excited about this one. Not only are Kit Kat’s one…
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Snickers Fudge
     This fudge rocked my socks. I wanted to eat it all but thought my husband wouldnt appreciate the…
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