Happy Birthday Kallen!

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My little man turned 2 last Friday, so we did some celebrating over the weekend! We had a low-key family party on Saturday. It was a Mickey Mouse/ Pirate theme! I made him a Pirate Mickey Mouse chocolate cake. He loved it. He kept pointing at it saying, “Mine! Mine!” 🙂

He was so excited and loved all the attention he was getting…. and all the sugary treats I let him eat! We had pizza, Oreo cupcakes, party popcorn and a few other goodies. It was all delicious! I’ll be sharing some of those recipes this week!

Here are a few highlights from the celebration……

Pirate party table

Mickey Pirate Cake for my little guy!

Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes! Delish!

Party Popcorn! Amazing and highly addictive!

Riding his new bike! (well… trying to)

Make a Wish!

Happy Birthday buddy! We ♥ you!

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15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kallen!

  1. Awe I love that you made Mickey a pirate too!!! I just love the picture of him blowing out the candles…adorable!!!! And party popcorn? i can see why it would be addictive:-)

  2. Aww…Happy birthday, Kallen! What a cutie. So no dirt bike? Maybe next year… 🙂 Great job on the food, lady! I love the pics.

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