‘Jack Skellington’ Cupcakes and Halloween Decorations!

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               How is everyone enjoying this nice ‘cool’ weather? THANK HEAVENS it’s not 100 degrees anymore! Yahoo!! Dont get me wrong, I love summer, but I was so ready for Fall and now its finally here! I love love love the holidays, especially Halloween! These cupcakes were so fun to make and are based on one of the coolest animated movies ever ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. These are the main character ‘Jack Skellington’. Yeah, Yeah, I know what your thinking.. Its more of a Christmas movie, hence the title, but come on , its based on ‘Halloween town’ and it has a kind of creepy scary feel to the whole movie! I really like it! One of my all time favorite bands, AFI, lead singer, Davey Havok has tattoos of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ characters and scenes from the movie fully sleeved up and down his arms! I love it! It’s so cool! (Quit laughing at me Kale, I hear you!)

        I saw these cupcakes on the cover of a magazine when I was at the store last weekend and wanted to make them! I could’nt find yogurt covered pretzels like the recipe calls for, so I ended up just buying some mini pretzels and dipped them in white chocolate! I really think they turned out cute! We also broke out all the Halloween decorations and got our house all decked out!! Here are some pics:

My friend Christa made me this Halloween
wreath! I love it 🙂
Kale hung these bats from our ceiling fan! They look
like their flying when our A/C is blowing on them!

Skeleton Cupcakes


The cupcakes are a cinch to do! Just make cupcakes from an easy cake box mix, frost with vanilla and look at the pics below to see how I did the skeleton!



I used White chocolate bark to coat the pretzels with.

I used a toothpick to help create Jacks face with the black gel.

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5 thoughts on “‘Jack Skellington’ Cupcakes and Halloween Decorations!

  1. Umm that wreath isn’t from Christa, Christa?!?! Is it?!!?! Crazy!!

    I’m going to try this out for my Halloween party coming up! I hope mine turn out half as cute as yours did!

  2. Marish, yes Christa who worked with us! We are really good friends still.. she actually just moved up to Salt Lake a few months ago 🙁 Let me know how your cupcakes turned out for your party!!

  3. Those cupcakes are DAR DAR for halloween…Seem easy too! You have so many cute decorations. This time of year is so fun!

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