Menu Plan Monday #10

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Menu Plan Monday

   Is anyone else loving Pioneer Womans show on Food Network as much as me? Yeah, I thought so. Every single recipe she shares I want to eat that very second. I just love all of her amazing recipes and her undeniable sense of humor! She is just awesome. The creamy broccoli and cheese soup she made on her show Saturday I’ve been craving big time! I love how she used nutmeg in it. I am SO making it this week. YUM!

Chicken Spaghetti*
green salad
garlic bread
PW’s Creamy Broccoli soup*
~Kitchen’s Closed~
(Momma needs a break)
Pork Chops*
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Cobb Salads*
Cherry Streusel Cake*
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10 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday #10

  1. I keep missing that show…I guess I need to set it up to record!!! Hey, i emailed you the other day about a blog hop I want to do with a few girls:-)

  2. I love PW’s show! I have to record it every week since I am always running in 10 different directions during that time on Saturdays. But I do love it when I finally sit down to watch. And yes, I want to eat every single thing she cooks!
    Your menu sounds yummy. Have a great week 🙂

  3. I love her show, too. My daughter watches it with me and she likes it, too. I recorded that episode, but we got a new cable box this weekend so it got erased, bummer. Oh well, I’m sure it will be on again. I love broccoli soup, though.

    Oh, Tater Tot Casserole…another favorite. I say I make it for the kids, but truth be told I like it more than they do:-)

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