Weekend Potluck #32


   I’ts time again for Weekend Potluck! Whew, it’s been a busy week for us. My younger kiddos both started school this week. Were any of you sending kids off to school, too? I know it’s different in every state.

   It was really hard taking Kallen to his daycare/preschool. It’s the first time he’s ever been watched by someone other than a family member. Needless to say, I cried like a baby. I had to call Kale a few times through out the day so he could make me feel better about it. Sometimes, I want to just quit my job so I can be home with my baby. It’s definitely something I’m thinking more seriously about. I guess we’ll see…

Anywho. I’ll quit blabbing about my problems. Let’s get this yummy party started!

Now, let’s take a quick peek back at last week

                     The recipe with the most clicks was ~


Hawaiian Crock Pot Chicken


                                      Hawaiian Crock Pot Chicken by Aunt Nubby’s Kitchen

                      Recipes that caught our attention ~


Strawberry Lemonade Cookies


                                       Strawberry Lemonade Cookies by Back for Seconds

Chili Tater Tot Casserole


                                        Chili Tater Tot Casserole by Served Up With Love



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4 thoughts on “Weekend Potluck #32

  1. Our kids started school this week too. Congrats on making the first week with your little on in daycare. That has to be so hard leaving him. I am so thankful that I am able to stay home. Good luck looking into that option. Thank you so much for hosting the fun party!!!

  2. The hard part is over – next week should be better for both you and Kallen. Watching kids grow up is hard but rewarding as well. Just make the family those wonderful waffles this weekend and everyone will be happy. 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

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