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    You guys, I’m so excited about this post today. I have been a VELVEETA lover for years, it’s such a great product. VELVEETA Cheesy Skillets, featuring smooth and creamy VELVEETA cheese sauce, are premium dinner kits that offer consumers delicious and easy dinnertime solutions to make your family smile. My kids love it! Wield your skillets and forge the family dinner with the Liquid Gold of VELVEETA. Never forget that with just a skillet and some ground beef, chicken or tuna, you can smite a meal that will solder your family together, forever. 


   I love VELVEETA’S Cheesy Skillets because they’re ready in only 20 minutes! They’re so perfect for those busy weeknight dinners when you feel too tired to cook. Serve them up with a side vegetable and it makes a great wholesome meal.


   There is a lot of stuff for sale on online auction sites: dachshund condiment trays, old spark plugs and parrot-topped lava lamps (just to name a few). VELVEETA noticed that among this stuff there are THOUSANDS of skillets listed on online auction sites. The only explanation for this is that these sellers must not know, or have forgotten, what their skillets are used for! 

   VELVEETA bought more than 1,000 of these skillets off a popular online auction website and sent them back to their sellers with a box of VELVEETA Cheesy Skillets to show these sellers what their skillets are for: VELVEETA Cheesy Skillets!

  I chose to go with the Philly Cheesesteak Style dinner kit. We LOVE Philly Cheesesteaks at our house! This delicious skillet dinner did not disappoint. It had all the elements and flavors of a delicious cheesesteak in pasta form. So good!


   The Liquid Gold brand knew that once people realized that their skillets are for making VELVEETA Cheesy Skillets, they’d be more than happy to get their skillets back. As part of this campaign, VELVEETA is asking fans to spread the word with the hashtag #whatmyskilletisfor. If their tweet or Instagram or Facebook post helps just one person realize that their skillet is for making VELVEETA Cheesy Skillets, then they’ve done their part to save another skillet from being sold in an online auction.


VELVEETA Cheesy Skillets~ Philly Cheesesteak Style
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  1. 1 (12.2 ounce) box VELVEETA Cheesy Skillets dinner kit ~ Philly Cheesesteak Style
  2. 1 pound ground beef
  3. 1 medium red bell pepper, chopped
  4. 1/2 small yellow onion, chopped
  5. 2 cups water
  1. Brown the ground beef in large skillet with the chopped red pepper and onion, cook until no longer pink; drain grease.
  2. Add 2 cups water, Seasoning, Green Peppers and Pasta from dinner kit. Stir. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and cover.
  3. Simmer and stir often until most of water is gone, about 9 to 11 minutes. Remove from heat.
  4. Stir in the VELVEETA Cheese Sauce. Serve immediately.
  1. Yields: 5 servings
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   For more information about this campaign, visit and Velveeta’s Facebook page!


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4 thoughts on “VELVEETA Cheesy Skillet Dinner Kits

  1. Reads like a commercial – but it’s all copasetic – everyone has bill’s to pay. 🙂 I’ve never tried these “skillet meals” (fortunately I know how to use mine) but I’m not opposed to trying them. I’m all for saving time in the kitchen once in-a-while. Going to give them a try on your recommendation Holly…thanks for the post!

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