Menu Plan Monday #19

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Menu Plan Monday

   We celebrated my Emma’s birthday over the weekend, and had a blast! Her ‘real’ birthday is this Thursday, but we decided to celebrate it a little early. I can’t believe she will be 5 years old. She starts Kindergarten in 2 weeks, and I am having a hard time accepting that. I’m trying to cherish every little moment I can, because I know she’ll be 18 and heading off to college before we know it  :'(   *sigh*


   We have some more birthday fun planned for her this week. The County Fair is coming to town, so we will be going to that. We’ll also have one more little family party for her Thursday night 🙂 

I won’t be cooking a whole lot, but still have a couple things I’ll be making. Here’s what they are…






Dad’s Tacos

beans & rice





Sloppy Joe’s

baked chips

carrot sticks & dip





~Kitchen’s Closed~

Going to the Fair! 🙂





Chicken & Stuffing casserole*









~Kitchen’s Closed~

Momma’s heading to

Las Vegas for a girls weekend!





~Kitchen’s Closed~

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday #19

  1. Oh my goodness, 5 years old is so much fun. Feels like yesterday when our girls were that young and now they’re all done with school. Where did the years go? Enjoy every moment…It goes by fast!

  2. Holly, your menu looks great! I’m trying to get one together for just the 2 of us! It just so easy to figure something out on the fly, but hard when I work! My baby turns 36 today, where did that time go??

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