Menu Plan Monday #28

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Menu Plan Monday

   I spent Saturday at the hospital with my Dad. He was admitted again for complications with diabetes. 🙁  It’s hard seeing him so sick. I wish I could take his pain away and make him healthy again. He has some amazing Doctors working on him and doing all that they can. My siblings and I are trying to stay strong, but it’s tough.

   On Sunday I went to lunch with my friend and got to vent my worries and concerns to her. Sometimes all you need is just a friend to listen, and be there for you, and it makes all the craziness that much easier to deal with. (Thank you, Shauntae!)




Barbecue Cups

green salad








Copycat Chili’s Chicken Fajitas






Leftover Fajitas!







Bruschetta Chicken

caesar salad







Easy night/ Take out!







Sloppy Joes

baked chips

carrot sticks






Grilled Steaks*

baked potatoes






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