Skinny Oreo Chocolate Milkshakes

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Skinny Oreo Chocolate Milkshakes are all the things you love about a rich, chocolatey milkshake, but without all the calories and fat. They’re a non-guilty pleasure for when you’re in need of a little something sweet, but not the extra calories! 

Oreo Chocolate Milkshakes that have fewer calories and fat.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m definitely on an ‘eating and posting cleaner recipes’ kick. I’ve been going through a bunch of old recipes and giving the pictures a much needed revamp. I’ve chosen to do some of the healthier ones. That way, you guys are getting the content you need for the time of year, and I also get to indulge in all of the tasty healthy recipes I make. 😉

Now, as for these decadent Oreo milkshakes, you really need to give them a try. They are frothy, creamy, and full of that delicious chocolate Oreo flavor. They taste just like the normal fat and calorie-filled Oreo shakes, but without that extra guilt!

I made these for my kiddos without telling them that they were the lighter version, and they didn’t have a clue. And that’s coming from kids who can always sniff out when I’ve tried to be sneaky and swap ingredients out for healthier ones. 

As if these shakes couldn’t get any better, they take only 5 minutes to whip up! All you need to make them are skim milk, nonfat chocolate frozen yogurt, and Oreo cookies. Simply throw everything into a blender, blend until you get the consistency you like, and you’re done! Top your shake off with some fat-free whipped cream and you’ll be in guilt-free heaven! YUM!

To become even more guilt-free, you can use the reduced-fat Oreo cookies rather than using the regular ones! You could also try different flavors! Mint, peanut butter, dark chocolate, and golden Oreos would all make amazing alternatives.

Oreo Chocolate Milkshakes that have fewer calories and fat.


These rich and chocolatey skinny Oreo milkshakes are made with milk, chocolate frozen yogurt, and Oreos, but are easily customized!

  • Milk: any sort of milk will do! Add more milk if you’d like your shake thinner or less for thicker shakes!
    • Skim: I use skim in this recipe to help keep these shakes on the ‘skinny’ side.
    • Whole: this will make the milkshake a lot richer, creamier, and thicker, but you may have to rethink the ‘skinny’ title 😉. 
    • Almond: definitely a tasty no-dairy alternative.
    • Coconut: if you would like a coconut flavoring to compliment the chocolate, I don’t see why not!
    • Soy: once again, go for it! Seriously, any milk will do.
  • Nonfat chocolate frozen yogurt: adds an extra creaminess without the extra fat! Normal chocolate frozen yogurt works too, but I’d recommend keeping it frozen so you can get a thicker, creamer shake!
  • Oreos: the most important part! I use normal Oreos to keep it simple and delicious, but any Oreo flavor would be amazing! Mint, peanut butter, dark chocolate, or golden Oreos would be tasty alternatives.


This milkshake is just the beginning! It’s a blank canvas waiting to be added to!

  • Protein powder: will make your shake protein filled and even more filling. Any protein powder will do, but a scoop of chocolate or vanilla would work best to not alter the flavor!
  • Flax seeds: simply adding a tablespoon will add vitamins, protein, and some fiber!
  • Chia seeds: same as flax, will give you those extra nutrients that will leave your body thanking you!


This recipe is the easiest! Simply throw all of your ingredients: Oreo cookies, nonfat chocolate frozen yogurt, and skim milk into a blender, blend, and you’re done! 

The most important part is to make sure you get the right consistency. So blend and taste test until you reach your preferred thickness.

  • For a thinner shake: more milk.
  • For a thicker shake: less milk.

Skinny Oreo Chocolate Milkshakes

Chocolate frozen yogurt, skim milk and oreos make for one delicious shake!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 3
Author Holly


  • 3/4 cup skim milk
  • 3 cups non-fat chocolate frozen yogurt
  • 6 to 8 Oreo cookies


  • Place all the ingredients into a blender. Blend until mixture reaches desired consistency. Add more milk if you’d like it thinner or use less milk for thicker shakes. Enjoy! ♥



Oreo Chocolate Milkshakes
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  1. Looks great, can’t wait to try! Also, thank you for posting healthy options for the start of the new year; it helps keep me somewhat on track…

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