Menu Plan Monday #12

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Menu Plan Monday

   My hubby and I went on a little ‘getaway’ Saturday night for some R&R. I always feel so ‘re-charged’ after having some alone time with him. It’s so nice to have that time to just focus on eachother. I think it’s a must when your married and have kids. That being said, we sure did miss our little kidlets! We always do when we leave them. When we got home yesterday we decided to take them on a little adventure and went hiking. We also went on a drive, and explored an old cemetery that is in another town close to ours. We all had a great time!

Grilled veggie packets*
~Kitchen’s Closed~
cilantro-lime rice*
~Kitchen’s Closed~
sliced and put in a big garden salad
Chocolate Cherry cake*
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4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday #12

  1. Glad you got a weekend away. We are the same way – we love a getaway, but always miss the kiddos and try to do something fun when we get home! I took my girls to a cemetery once and they were fascinated by it. It was interesting, for sure.

    Love that oriental chicken salad…trying to do some salads that my girls will like so I might try that.

  2. Weekend getaways are the best!! We love them and the kids love the antics they get away with when they are with their grandparents! I did a Menu Monday today too! So fun!

    We live close to a cemetery and pass by it every day, the kids ask about the different headstones all the time.

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