Super Mario Brothers party & Happy Birthday, Kallen!

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   My baby Kallen turned 4 years old last Sunday. We had a Super Mario Brothers party for him because he’s a little obsessed with Mario these days. We have the Mario brothers games on the Wii and that kid can play the heck out of it. He loves it so much. He’s always begging everyone to play with him, even friends or anyone that comes to our house (yes, even the AC fix-it guy) Ha! He’ll do anything to have someone play it with him! 🙂
The last month I’ve been planning his party and searching Pinterest for ideas. Of course, I found a ton. I was a little overwhelmed at all the fun things people have come up with. I decided to keep our party pretty simple and just made a few of the things I saw. Here’s what I did…
Every year for my kids’ birthdays, I usually order a Costco cake. Mainly, because they’re huge and feed a lot of people. I will order just any cake, and then when I get it home I scrape off the decorations and icing, and decorate it myself. For Kallen’s Mario cake I took a few different ideas I saw and then made it into my own. Kallen loved it!


 For the party food, we had pizzas and salads. I also made a few Mario themed snacks and treats…

“Fire Power” were cheeseballs 🙂

“Princess Peach Rings” were those addicting peach gummy rings

and “Yoshi’s Eggs” were just some good ol’ Skittles!

After we ate, it was present time!

Then of course, all the kids start closing in… It was hard to take pics of the chaos. lol

I think this may have been his favorite gift 🙂

When it was time for cake I think he was pretty tired and over it. This is what I got when I asked him to smile…

Make a wish!


Happy Birthday, Kallen! We ♥ you!
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4 thoughts on “Super Mario Brothers party & Happy Birthday, Kallen!

  1. This is so awesome! My son is obsessed with Mario and he’s been having me print out pictures of Mario birthday cakes for the last two weeks and he caught a glimpse as I flipped to see your blog today and saw the Mario and shouted “HEY!!! Mario cake!!!!” I’m totally doing this for his birthday! So fun.

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