Breakfast Croissant and Potatoes

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Breakfast Croissant and Potatoes is croissants filled with egg, cheddar cheese and ham with a side of red potatoes covered in seasoned salt and pepper.

 Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been a slacker this week on posting.. It’s always crazy and busy at the Lofthouse household so this Friday night is finally my chance! How sad to say though, huh! The life of 3 kids definitely means lots and lots of Friday nights chillin at home with the kiddos 🙂  Long ago were the days when dinner and a movie, or a friends party were a part of my fun Friday night 🙁  But my kids sure make it worth it! They are the best!

 As for this breakfast idea.. This is the one I was telling you I had at Mimis Cafe in Vegas. It was sooo good! Lin and I both ordered it and as I had a huge bite in my mouth, I turned to Lin and said , “Holy cow, I am totally making this and posting it on my blog!” So here is its debut! A delicious croissant filled with scrambled egg, cheddar cheese and smoky ham! YUM and SO easy 🙂 The potatoes are delish and a cinch to make too. All you need is red potatoes, ‘Lawrys’ seasoned salt & a little bit of pepper.. This is how ya do it:



Breakfast Croissant & Potatoes

4 servings:


4 Croissants

Deli Smoked Ham slices (8 oz)

4 slices of Cheddar Cheese

4 Eggs, beaten then scrambled


2 lbs red potatoes, cleaned & cubed

Lawrys Seasoned Salt



       Start by boiling your red potaotes in a large pot of water. Boil until they are fork tender.

       Meanwhile in a large skillet, pour 2 tbs vegetable oil and heat the skillet over medium-high. Let the oil heat up when the potatoes are almost finished boiling. Once the potatoes are fork tender, drain the water.

       Add the potatoes to the heated skillet. Add as much seasoned salt and pepper to taste. Give the potatoes a good stir to mix in seasonings and then you will want to pack the potatoes into the skillet. Let them cook like that for a good 10-12 minutes. Maybe even longer depending on the heat of your skillet. You want your skillet to be pretty dang hot. DO NOT STIR them if you want them to have that crisp outer coating. Leave them alone! 🙂  Once 10 minutes or so is up, turn them onto their other side, packing them in again and let cook again for another 10 minutes.


        For the croissant sandwiches you can make these the last 10 minutes your potatoes are cooking in the skillet. They don’t take long at all. All you need to do is scramble your eggs in a skillet. Once cooked, then add your eggs, sliced cheese and ham to the bottom croissant. Close with the top and then pop in the microwave for 25 seconds to melt the cheese! ENJOY

Breakfast Croissant and Potatoes is croissants filled with egg, cheddar cheese and ham with a side of red potatoes covered in seasoned salt and pepper.

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2 thoughts on “Breakfast Croissant and Potatoes

  1. Mmmm just by looking at these pictures it reminds me of how good they were at Mimi’s! These look just like theirs!

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