Chicken Fajita Braid

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This delicious Chicken Fajita Braid is loaded with chicken, bell peppers, onion and cheese all wrapped inside crescent dough! It’s comfort food at it’s best!

Let me just start by saying that I am the biggest critic when it comes to food. Ask Kale, it drives him crazy! Whenever we go out to eat at a restaurant or I make something at home I am always saying, “It would be better if this was added” or “Next time I make it I’m going to do this.” Kale will just roll his eyes and tell me how I will never be satisfied. haha. 


For the most part, he is right. I am hard to please, but dang this Chicken Fajita Braid left me speechless. I fell madly in love with it! 🙂  It is so flavorful, so comforting. This will definitely be in my dinner rotation for easy and DELICIOUS meals to make!


Chicken Fajita Braid


1 can Pillsbury Pizza Dough

1 tbs vegetable oil

2  chicken breasts, cut into small strips

1 tsp chili powder

1 clove garlic, minced

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 c onion, chopped

1/2 c green or red bell pepper, chopped

1/4 c salsa

2 cups shredded Cheddar-Monterey Jack cheese

1 egg white, beaten



        Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a large cookie sheet with cooking spray and roll out your pizza dough onto the sheet. Set aside.

        In a 10 inch skillet, heat your oil over medium high heat, then add your chicken, chili powder, garlic and salt. Cook for 5 minutes, stirring often, until lightly browned. Add onion and bell pepper and cook 5 minutes more until chicken is no longer pink in the center and your onion and peppers are softened slightly.

        Spoon the chicken mixture in a 4 inch strip lengthwise down the center of the pizza dough. Top with the salsa and cheese, sprinkling evenly over chicken. With a pizza cutter or sharp knife, make 1 inch strips along the sides, then start crossing your dough strips over the chicken, like a braid. Press the edges to seal. Brush the dough with the egg white. Bake for 20 -25 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool 5 minutes before serving. ENJOY 🙂   *Makes 6 servings*


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6 thoughts on “Chicken Fajita Braid

  1. YES! That looks awesome. As does the Taco Braid. I thin you’ve really got something here with these braids… may I suggest pizza braid? If you havent already tried it of course! Lovely site!

  2. This was on my Pintrest list of things to try, so glad I did! Double thumbs up from myself and hubby. Very quick and easy to put together, loads of room for individualizing.

  3. I make a Pizza Braid a few times a month… such a hit. The “Braid” part is the same as this recipe, but I fill it with pizza/tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, feta cheese (so delicious), chopped bell peppers, onions, turkey pepperoni, and sometimes even hamburger meat. Anything that you would top a pizza with goes great. I also sprinkle an Italian Spices blend (like from McCormick) over the top before I braid. After I rub the top with a little olive oil I sprinkle on some Parmesan. It is a hit every time!

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