Chicken Taco Soup

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Chicken Taco Soup is a delicious, flavorful soup packed full of chicken, corn, and Mexican flavors.

   I’m still a little overwhelmed at how DELICIOUS this soup was! It is my new favorite for sure. This one comes from my friend Aimee over at Shugary Sweets. I have made a few of her recipes now, and not one has dissappointed. She is amazing!


   This soup is packed full of chicken, corn, and mexican flavors. What really make it so comforting is the cream cheese and sour cream you throw in at the end. It turns the soup into creamy heaven! I also love the toppings you throw on before you eat it. We did shredded cheese, and homemade corn tortilla strips. Mmmmm… so good!


   I am already dreaming about having it for leftovers today… : )




Chicken Taco Soup



1/2 cup chopped Onion

1 Green Bell Pepper, diced

1 (16 oz) jar of Salsa 

32 oz Chicken Stock

1 (1.25 oz) package of Taco Seasoning

1 (12 oz) bag of frozen Corn

1 (6 oz) can Tomato Paste

2 lbs boneless skinless Chicken Breasts

4 oz Cream Cheese

1/2 cup Sour Cream



In a large crockpot, combine all of the ingredients EXCEPT the cream cheese and sour cream. Cook on Low heat for 6-8 hours. A half hour before serving, remove chicken breasts and shred. Return shredded chicken to crockpot and also add in the cream cheese and sour cream. Stir and let them both melt into the soup. Serve in individual bowls with shredded cheese and tortilla strips!



Chicken Taco Soup is a delicious, flavorful soup packed full of chicken, corn, and Mexican flavors.
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24 thoughts on “Chicken Taco Soup

  1. Just getting caught up after being out of town for a week. I returned home to some rainy, chilly weather so this recipe looks extra-good today! Seriously, this looks like my kind of soup…YUM!! Cannot wait to give it a try this week πŸ™‚

  2. The husband just bought a container of soup like this at the grocery store. I wish I had seen your post so I could have made it for him myself! This looks great. I’m bookmarking it fo’ sho’.

    p.s. Love the new autumnal look. The pumpkin is so cute!

  3. Have you tried to freeze this?
    I just made some, Thank you by the way for sharing the recipe.
    And I have WAY too much leftover so I was wondering if you’d frozen it before and how it was.

  4. I popped this in the slow cooker this morning and had it ready for dinner tonight! My three roommates were all skeptical (“I thought you were making chicken tacos but you lost me at ‘soup'” and “What’s the cream cheese for?”). But it was a big hit! We decorated it with scallions, seasoned tortilla strips, avocado, and kept the sour cream on the side.

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