Menu Plan Monday #1

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Menu Plan Monday

   I am so excited to be starting Menu Plan Monday! Every Monday I will be sharing with you what meals I am cooking up that week. Meal planning is so important to me. I have been doing it for a few years now. There are so many positives to it, especially with time, money and stress!

  I have a pretty good system that works for us. I do my grocery shopping on the weekends, so before I go I will sit down to plan our menu for the entire week. I’ll consider what is on our families schedule and choose meals to make on the nights we’ll be home. When making my list I go through my pantry and fridge to see if I already have specific ingredients. This prevents buying double, and of course, saves money. I only do weekly meal planning because I usually have to go back to the store once a week for milk and fresh produce anyway. Plus, it’s just what works for us.

  My goal with this new weekly post is to help you get started in your own meal planning and to also give you new dinner ideas! Under each day, I will post what I’m cooking that night. The recipes that are already on my blog, will have a link to them. The new ones I try will have an asterisk (*) next to them, and will be posted soon!



Sticky Finger Wraps (grilled chicken version)

green salad




 ~Kitchen Closed~

(my girls have dance practice Tues. nights)




Beef Enchiladas*

beans, rice








~Kitchen Closed~ because it’s my B-day 🙂

Plans to eat at my favorite restaurant 

and a movie date with my hubby!




~Kitchen Closed~

Kelsey and Emma’s Dance Recital!




Marinated Roast*

mashed potatoes, vegetable


Chocolate Chip Cheesecake*

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11 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday #1

  1. This is a great idea! I used to do monthly meal planning and it was sooo helpful. Then as the kids got older with too many activities, I stopped…but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have still been helpful! Your “kitchen closed” idea is perfect for those days. Weekly menus are probably easier than monthly. Thank you for sharing your plan!

  2. Menu planning rocks! I too do my menu weekly. I also print it out and hang it on the fridge so everyone knows what’s for dinner. Can’t wait to see your marinated roast recipe, sounds delicious!

  3. I menu plan by the week (can’t get my head around trying to do it any longer!). I base it on what’s on sale that week and what I already have on hand. The times when I don’t menu plan (like the past 2 weeks) I am so unorganized and find myself making more frequent trips to the store, spending more more and just feeling more stressed. I started back to planning for this week so it should be a much more productive week of meals in this house 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your plans. I look forward to seeing more!

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