Menu Plan Monday #21

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Menu Plan Monday

   It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a menu plan, so I thought I would today. 🙂 We have been busy bee’s lately, so I am looking forward to chillin’ at home this week and making us some yummy meals!

   My hubby and I have been running and getting back in the groove of exercising. Last week I ran 10 miles total, and I’m pretty dang proud of myself  🙂  I love running for so many reasons, but I think the biggest reason is how it makes me feel.

  So with exercise, comes healthy eating. Or healthy-er eating, I should say. There’s just no way I could ever live without cheese… or chocolate.. or a cocktail every once in a while. I am a girl who loves her food! 🙂 Here’s what I’m making this week…..

Oriental Chicken Salads

Baked Chicken Fingers
Sweet potato french fries
carrot sticks

Grilled steaks
side salads

Strawberry Chicken Salads

~Kitchen’s Closed~
Date night ♥

~Kitchen’s Closed~
Take out!

Chicken and Rice Skillet*

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5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday #21

  1. I remember those chicken fingers and I still want to make them! It seems we’re all impressed with your organizational skills 🙂 I hope they’ll rub off on me!

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