No-Bake Nutella Oatmeal Cookies


These incredible cookies are delicious and do not require baking!You guys- this post makes me happy (because any chocolate cookie that doesn’t require an oven is awesome 🙂 ) AND it makes me sad because this is my last Pillsbury® recipe. It was a super tough decision to make but I gave them my notice last month. Life just keeps getting busier as my kids get older and I truly want to focus more on my blog. Once the kids are back in school I have big plans for my little space on the internet. I want to post new recipes and videos more often through out the week, and I’d also love to FINALLY start sharing some home decor posts. My house is slowly but surely coming together and I want to show it off! So hopefully that will be soon. ♥ 

Okay, now where was I? Oh yeah, these delicious NO-BAKE NUTELLA OATMEAL COOKIES. I mean the word Nutella should say it all. 😉 Why is that stuff so good? I know I can’t keep it in my house or you’ll find me in the pantry with a spoon diggin’ right into it. lol 

I not only adore the flavor of these yummy treats but the texture as well. There is just something about an oatmeal cookie with chocolate that gets me every single time. 

Upgrade your favorite no-bake cookie with Nutella spread!


Head on over to PILLSBURY.COM for the full recipe –>  NO-BAKE NUTELLA COOKIES 

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