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Lahaina Beach in Maui, HIHey friends! I am so happy about today’s post! It’s my very first travel post for the blog and I’m hoping to do a lot more of these in the future. 🙂 If you’ve read my blog for the last few months I have talked about our Hawaii trip a lot. lol I hope I haven’t been too annoying. Ha! I thought since I talked about dieting for it and how much we were looking forward to this amazing vacation I would blog all about our fun time! 

I have to say- our time in Maui ended up being even better than I imagined. We ate the most delicious food every day. (I gained back about 6 pounds but it was SO worth it! 😀 ) We went to a few restaurants I was told were a must and they did NOT disappoint! Every day was a new adventure with sight-seeing, beach fun, drinks, food and lots of laughs with our good friends Jared and Shauntae who went with us. 

So sit back and enjoy a TON of pictures and stories about our adventure!

Hyatt Hotel_Maui,HI

We booked our rooms at the Hyatt Regency in Lahaina. Lahaina is on the west side of Maui and filled with lots of amazing hotel resorts all along its beach. We couldn’t have picked a better hotel, in my opinion. The Hyatt was really amazing.


It was so beautiful, as you can see. The property was gorgeous and had all kinds of animals and birds all over it. It was like a tropical zoo! 


Hyatt Hotel in Maui, HI

Not only was the resort property breathtaking but the lobby was as well. There were tropical birds and the most beautiful flowers.

Hyatt Regency in Maui

the lobby at the Hyatt Hotel in Maui


Our room view was really pretty too. We booked a partial ocean view to save a little money and knowing we wouldn’t be spending much time in there except to sleep. 🙂

partial ocean view room at Hyatt Regency in Maui

We flew in Monday evening, so all we had time for was to check-in to the hotel and grab a quick bite to eat before heading to bed. We were exhausted.

Our first official day in Maui was Tuesday, and we started off with breakfast at the hotel! This is where we ate breakfast every morning. The food was great and the view wasn’t too bad either. 😉 


 There was a giant net blocking the inside of the restaurant to keep birds and whatever else from coming in. But it did not block our amazing view at all.


 A breakfast buffet every day was a part of the hotel package we purchased. I’m always hestitant to eat at buffets but this was not like any I’d ever been to. The food was so delicious and every day offered new things to eat.

This plate was my first day’s breakfast. Coconut french toast, potatoes, bacon, a Denver omelette and cheesy tortellini bake. It was delish and I ate every bite. 😀 


 After breakfast we headed to the beach. Yay for beach time! We swam with the most colorful fish I’ve ever seen, drank Pina Coladas and relaxed by the ocean the entire day. It was a blast!


pina coloda

Friends in Maui!

At lunch we went over to one of our hotel’s restaurants called, “Umalu”. The food there was terrific! Kale and I shared this Maui Jack Steak sandwich. It had thinly sliced steak, jack cheese, horseradish cream sauce and carmelized sweet Maui onion on a ciabatta roll. It was H-E-A-V-E-N!



After our beach day we crashed hard that night. For the second day we planned to drive the Road to Hana. We knew it would be an all day adventure and was it ever! For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, it is a really long and windy road with steep ledges and one way lanes almost the entire way. I was scared out of my mind driving on that thing! It was crazy and almost took us 3 hours to reach the Black Sand Beaches, but it was well worth it! 


This is one of the many waterfalls on the road to Hana. We stopped a few times a long the way to look at waterfalls and the scenery. We also stopped at the halfway mark to buy the Best Banana Bread in the world from a cute little food shack. I forgot to take a pic of it but it was really good bread!


This is the Black Sand Beach I believe is off mile marker 42 on the road to Hana. This beach was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in real life. The sand really is black, even though it looks gray in the pictures. 



We walked and hiked all over the beach area. There were tunnels and caves. So cool!



There was this giant cliff out in the water that little kids were jumping off of! It was scaring the crap out of me. Kale and Jared wanted to do it but at that point we didn’t have enough time. I’m secretly glad 😉 


Black Sand Beach




After the Black Sand Beach we drove down a few mile markers and stopped at the Lava Tubes!



It was beautiful there and the maze was really cool to see, but I have to admit, the lava tubes scared me too. (I know, I know I’m a wimp!) I am really clastrophobic so being in a dark tunnel/tube isn’t ever on my to-do list. But I did it for Jared (it was on his bucket list 🙂 ) I only got about halfway through the tube and had to turn back around. But I’m proud of myself for how far I did go. The rest of the group went the whole way and said it was really cool. 



By the time we left Hana and drove back to our resort it was late and we were pooped! I think we ate dinner at our hotel and then crashed. I was so tired I don’t even remember for sure. Ha!

After some sleep, we were ready for more adventure the following day! We first drove to the Maui Winery on the south side of Maui. To say that place was amazing would be an understatement. You take another windy road to get there, but again, it is worth it. Just the drive’s scenery alone was so green and gorgeous. Once we got to the winery it started raining, so me being a diva, grabbed an umbrella (the only one on the tour that did. ha!) and our guide took us around the vineyard and told us the amazing story of how it started.

Here is a link to the winery’s website with the story (it’s worth the read) —> Maui Winery 

Below are some pictures of the property around the winery. It really was beautiful- especially in the rain. 🙂







After the winery we drove over to the Lavender fields that were just a few miles away. It was amazing there too!



I have never seen such unique and beautiful flowers and plants in all my life. They almost look like they’re from another planet! Stunning! 🙂




After the Lavender Fields we headed back to the resort to get ready for the Luau we had booked. It was held at our hotel and called, “The Drums of the Pacific Luau.” I didn’t take many pictures there because I wanted to sit and enjoy it. But I did make sure to get one of my Mai Tai and the program. 😉

The Luau was so much fun and so entertaining. The host of it was cracking me up. He was a funny character and told such a great history of Hawaii. My favorite part was when Kale got called up on stage to learn the Hula dance! lol That was great. My hubby is the most shy guy in the world so I know it was hard for him. But he did great and was a good sport. It was a lot of fun to watch!

Drums of the Pacific Luau

 The following day was Friday. We only had 3 days left of our vacation so we decided we needed another full day at the beach! Kale and Jared went to rent us paddle boards while Shauntae and I found us a nice spot on the beach. The waves ended up being really high and forceful that day, so it was only the guys that ended up paddle boarding. But it was fun to watch and take pics of. 



They did really good for first timers, until Kale got wiped out by a huge wave. It was scary. He got pretty bruised and banged up too. So that ended the paddle boarding fun.

Saturday we had booked a Kayaking and snorkeling tour but it got cancelled because of how high the tides were. We were bummed but made the best of it. We went shopping at a cute outdoor mall and just relaxed that day. It was nice. Saturday night we went to one of the restaurants at the hotel called, ‘Japengo’. Great food. They serve steaks, seafood and sushi. I can say it was one of the most delicious meals my taste buds have enjoyed. (Sorry for the bad food pics. I took them with my phone and it was dark.)


Kale said this was the best sushi he’s ever had!


I wish I had better pictures of this meal- because it was so incredible. This corn below was AMAZING. I chowed down on it. It had onions, lavender and honey in it. So. Good.


Our view at dinner. Not too bad, eh? 😉


 Sunday we went over to Turtle Bay so we could swim with sea turtles! The tide was still really high that day so Kale and Jared just did it. Shauntae and I watched them and sun-bathed for a bit. I couldn’t believe how many sea turtles we could see from the beach side and Kale said they swam with a ton. 🙂

Turtle Bay was beautiful. I wish I had taken more pics!


We ate lunch at a cute little restaurant off Turtle Bay over looking the ocean, but I can’t remember the name of it! I ordered a Grilled Monte Cristo Sandwich. It was yummy.

Monte Cristo sandwich

We ate at the Lahaina Pizza Company for our last dinner in Maui. It was one of the places I was told to eat at and I was so glad we did! It was AMAZING pizza. I guess I was too busy scarfing it down I didn’t take any pics, but I did take one of my cocktail. ha! It was too strong for me to drink but atleast it was purdy. 🙂


We honestly had the most incredible time in Maui. Those 8 days went by so fast! If it hadn’t been for missing my kids so much I would have tried to stay longer. There were so many amazing and wonderful things we did and I’m sure lots we didn’t even do. Maui is unlike any other place. There aren’t enough adjectives in the world to describe how truly amazing it is.

I can’t wait to go back one day!


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  1. What a fabulous trip! I’ve been to the black sand beaches, but at the time it was covered in tiny blue jelly fish! So fun, though!

    1. Amy! Oh my gosh- that’s crazy! But so cool you’ve been there too. That beach is so amazing, huh! Thanks again for guest posting for me while I was away. Your cheesecake was a hit ❤️

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