Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks

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There are few things better in life than warm, buttery bread fresh out of the oven. These Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks are that and then some!

The Best Breadsticks

There are few things better in life than warm, soft, buttery bread fresh out of the oven. It is by far one of life’s greatest pleasures! 🙂 These Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks I’m sharing today are really the best ever. They’re so soft and delicious. The garlic bread seasoning tops them off to total perfection.

I love how easy this breadstick recipe is. Only 5 ingredients and hardly any rise time. They are basically fool proof. Seriously. I think the only thing that could mess these up is over-flouring the dough, so be careful on that! Less is more 😉 

The Best Breadsticks

I love to make these breadsticks anytime we have spaghetti for dinner, or really any time I have an excuse to make them. 😀 We’ve also tried these without the garlic seasoning, and topped them with cinnamon and sugar instead. SO. GOOD. It is the ultimate treat!

The Best Breadsticks


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The Best Breadsticks
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Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks

Soft, buttery breadsticks topped with a garlic parmesan seasoning. These are the best breadsticks!
Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 15 minutes
Servings 12
Author Holly



  • 1 ½ cups warm water (105 to 110 degrees F°)
  • 1 Tablespoon instant yeast
  • 2 Tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3 ½ to 4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup salted butter, melted

Garlic Parmesan Seasoning

  • 1/2 cup powdered Parmesan cheese
  • 1 teaspoon Kosher salt
  • 2 Tablespoons garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoons dried oregano
  • 2 teaspoons dried basil
  • 2 teaspoons dried parsley


  • In an electric stand mixer; with the dough hook attachment, mix together the warm water, yeast, sugar, salt and one cup of the flour.
  • Continue adding the flour until the dough clears the sides of the bowl; knead for about three minutes. It should be soft and slightly sticky without leaving a lot of residue on your fingers.
  • Let the dough rest in the bowl for 10 minutes. While the dough rests, preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Pour the melted butter onto a large, rimmed baking sheet (about 11X17-inches); spreading out evenly.
  • On a lightly greased countertop, pat the dough out into a long rectangle, about 16×7-inches. Cut the dough into 12 even strips with a pizza cutter. Twist each strip of dough then place side-by-side (a 1/2-inch apart) on the baking sheet.

Garlic Parmesan Seasoning:

  • Mix together all of the seasoning ingredients. Sprinkle as much or as little seasoning as you desire, all over the tops of the breadsticks. Cover with a kitchen towel, and let breadsticks rise for 20 minutes.
  • Bake for 15 minutes or until golden. Carefully remove from oven. Let breadsticks cool slightly before serving. Enjoy!



The Best Breadsticks
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54 thoughts on “Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks

  1. This recipe was good, but I think to make it better would be to drizzle olive oil over the breadsticks and cook the breadsticks with the garlic parmesan mix over it. It kind of tasted bland when I made it, so I think I will try that next time and see how it goes. But I will try it again. It was very easy, and the breadsticks thickened right up.

    1. Try this, makes them real tasty. When they first come out of oven…melt 2 T. Butter with 1/2 t. Salt and 1/4 t, garlic powder and brush on bread stick then sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

  2. Pinned these breadsticks last week and I made them last night. They are by far the best breadsticks I’ve ever eaten! My family loved them too! I will definitely be making these again very soon! Thanks for the recipe!

      1. Hi I was just wondering if I can make the dough, shape them and then freeze them to make bake them the following day.

  3. I just made these with dinner and they were delicious! My son and husband grabbed them and gobbled them up. It seemed to make a lot so I saved the other half to make the cinnamon and sugar bread sticks. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I made these and they r so amazing that I wanted to make them for my daughters wedding in December. Because I need to make about 300 I was wondering if u have ever pre made them and frozen them for later? If so, do u freeze them as a dough or bake them first ?

  5. Hey there:) i loved how delicious this recipe looks! I tried making this tonight but i wasn’t sure how long to mix the dough and it turned out REALLY sticky, haha. Is there a certain amount of minute I should knead it for? (p.s. I don’t have a stand mixer and i use my hands) THANKS so MUCH in advance Holly 🙂

    1. Bread recipes can be tricky when it comes to measuring out the flour. If the dough is too sticky you can add another 1/4 cup of flour at a time until you reach a good stretchy (but not too tough) dough. The amount called for is always an estimate because weather, climate and how you measure flour can affect the recipe. Also- when kneading by hand I would do it for about 10 minutes. It will give you a good arm workout 😉 Hopefully this helps you next time you try it! These breadsticks are a family-favorite. I make them a lot 😀

      1. Hi Holly 🙂 I made these again today and this time I followed your suggestions! AND WOOOH! They turned out GREAAT 😀 Thank You so Much for this recipe and i LOOVE your website! Can’t wait to try out your other recipes.

  6. I am making your Cheeseburger soup today and decided to try your Garlic Parmesan Bread sticks the,Kathryn are so good! I hope the soup turns out this well. I can’t wait to try more of your recipies

  7. Excellent recipe! I used my Bosch mixer and mixed it for 2-3 minutes after all ingredients were incorporated. I left the dough just barely sticky and let it rise in the oven for 45 minutes or so. Then just cut them into straight sticks but after those rose then I put a crease down the middle of them drizzled a garlic butter sauce in the crease and added chopped jalapeños in the crease and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Baked for approximately 17 minutes. Then added more butter sauce all over them. Unbelievably delicious!! They had a good crusty bottom but were light on top.

  8. These breadsticks are delicious. I baked 6 and rubbed garlic butter over the top while warm. The remaining 6 breadsticks I baked them in a 250 deg. oven for 15 mins. (You don’t want them to brown). Cool completely & wrap & freeze or refrigerate. Reheat @ 400 deg until golden – about 10 mins. Taste fresh, very good.

    1. Thank you so much! came down to the comments to see if anyone had asked and got an answer….many did and you gave great instructions. I like the partial baking instead of freezing dough. happy baking!

  9. I made these and they were delicious with the garlic bread seasoning! I did a couple things differently, I didn’t twist them and I lathere’d them in butter then sprinkled the seasoning on top before I put them in the oven. So delicious!

  10. Ok… I did this recipe today and it’s totaly awesome!!! Easy as 1,2,3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful treasure.


  11. I made these tonight with some pasta with vodka sauce and they were delicious. I tweaked it a little by brushing on some Phase butter (shoutout to my husband for bringing it home from work) and the sprinkled on the topping before baking. When making the topping I didn’t have oregano but I did have some red pepper flakes so I added in a little bit of those and some fresh cracked black pepper and it turned out really well.

  12. Love these breadsticks to me they kinda taste like little Caesars bread sticks but that’s me their most by far my all time favorite

  13. I made these tonight and they turned out great! It’s a little cold out and low humidity down here in Texas right now, so I had to bake 15-20 minutes. Definitely adding this recipe to our weekly rotation. They were the perfect addition to our Shrimp & Avocado Pesto Pasta dinner. Thanks for posting!

  14. I made this recipe and it is sooooo good!! You have to try it my whole family loved it and the few leftovers were gone in a couple of days. I am only televe years old and surprisingly these bread sticks we’re super easy to make. Thanks so much for sharing this with me

  15. Ooh. I live these bread sticks their so good. I am twelve years old and I made them for my family a few nights ago. We all loved them and I can’t wait to make them again. They are suprisinly easy too. Thanks for everything holly

  16. These look absolutely delicious! My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, and I wanted to make bread to go with dinner…these are perfect! Can you make them ahead, and how long ahead would you suggest, if you can? I don’t want to be having to do the bread while making everything else…

    1. You can make them the night before right up until the last rising step. Cover them with plastic wrap and place in the fridge. At least 4 hours before baking set them out on the counter to rise. Then bake as normal! Hope you enjoy them. These are my go-to breadsticks!

  17. I love this recipe! Even my picky kids love these bread sticks. Sometimes I make the dough and use it for pizza too! It comes out as nice as from a restaurant and much better than the frozen things. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  18. Always put sugar on one side of bowl and salt on another. Then just mix right in with flour. Sometimes salt will make your yeast ineffective and not rise. Not sure if that was your problem though. Try again!!

  19. Try this when you make bread….dissolve sugar n warm water in a measuring cup gently sprinkle and stir in the yeast once it starts to expand dump in a mixing bowl, add half the flour then the salt then gradually stir in rest of the flour and let rise. I’ve found when you add the yeast, sugar and salt and water all together the salt seems to kill the yeast. This always works for me.

  20. 5 stars
    Hi. I made these tonight to go with dinner and they are seriously the BEST breadsticks. I have tried many recipes and these truly turned out amazing. Thank you for your recipe. I do have one question would these be able to be frozen and if so which stage would you recommend freezing them at. Again, thank you for this recipe.

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your super sweet comment about the breadsticks. I am a huge fan of these breadsticks too! If you wanted to freeze them I would after you twist the dough into breadsticks. Don’t let them rise. Just wrap them in tightly covered in saran wrap or a freezer safe bag. When ready to thaw, thaw the frozen bread twists on a cookie sheet for a few hours on the counter. Then bake as normal! 🙂

  21. 5 stars
    These were great! I substituted about 1 1/4 cups of bread flour (I was running out of all purpose). I’m not sure if it’s because you don’t really knead this dough but the texture was PERFECTLY chewy!

  22. 5 stars
    So easy, fluffy and delish. I made my sticks a little on the long side so they didn’t look so pretty but who cares right?! As long as they taste good:) I froze the leftovers and they reheated very well in the oven in tin foil. Thank you so much!

  23. 5 stars
    Well i just am really surprised by how good these are. I make bread all the time but wow! These are special! SomethiNg that makes these special are fiRst of all, the seasoning! Seriously Tasted like a restaurant. I think the butter on the pan made them excellent too! They were fluffy and delicious. My family raved about them and i am quite picky about my bRead! Thank you so mUch for sharing!! I will be making for years to come.

  24. 5 stars
    These taste great! Mine don’t look anywhere near as perfect as yours. The twist seemed to disappear when they baked. Not enough flour? But it’s all about the taste anyway.

  25. 5 stars
    I have never made breadsticks before. This is a no fail recipe. They turned out perfect. They are soft and the seasoning has great flavor. I now get requests to make them all the time.

  26. 5 stars
    I recently tried making breadsticks following a recipe inspired by u and I must say, they turned out to be absolutely delightful!

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