Ham & Turkey Panini Melt

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Ham and Turkey Panini Melts are filled with ham, turkey, cheese and Dijon mustard. Life-in-the-Lofthouse.com

                I love Paninis! They are so versatile, you can literally make so many different kinds. This one I made was one that reminded me of the panini I had in the hospital after I gave birth to Kallen. You always hear of ‘hospital food’ as being disgusting, but my dining experience here in the St.George Hospital was delicious!

           It was about six hours after I had delivered Kallen and I was starving!! The nurse kept telling me to order something from the menu, but I was so hesitant. Finally, I decided to. I read the menu and came across a ‘Ham and Turkey’ panini. I thought it sounded good, so I ordered it.

          When she brought it to me I was surprised to see how good it looked, and sure enough it tasted AMAZING! I kept telling Kale, ‘This is the best sandwich I’ve ever had!’ 

          Fast forward to Christmas, Kale surprised me with a Panini Grill for one of my gifts. The very first thing I thought was that I was gonna try and make that sandwich I had eaten in the hospital, and now here is it’s debut! It is divine! (and ridiculously easy)





Recipe by: Holly Lofthouse


Makes 4 Paninis


8 slices Artisan bread or White Bread (good quality, like homemade or fresh from the bakery)

1/2 lb deli Honey Ham

1/2 lb deli Turkey

8 slices of white American cheese

Dijon Mustard




Preheat your panini grill on high heat as you prepare your sandwiches. (If you dont have a panini grill you can easily do this in a large skillet)


With one slice of bread top with desired amount of turkey. Top turkey with two slices of cheese. Top cheese with desired amount of Ham. With second piece of bread, spread Dijon mustard and place bread mustard side down onto ham. Butter both sides of bread and then place on grill. Lightly press lid of panini grill onto bread and let cook for 2-3 minutes or until cheese has melted : )






Ham and Turkey Panini Melts are filled with ham, turkey, cheese and Dijon mustard. Life-in-the-Lofthouse.com
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13 thoughts on “Ham & Turkey Panini Melt

  1. Oh my stars. That melty cheese looks like it’s about to come off this screen and make me eat it! That’s it. A Panini machine is on my “I want” list. Oh the possibilities are endless!

  2. Nom!! I am hoping to inherit my mom’s panini press when she groups up with her fiance (I’m hoping that she will realize that she has never ever used it). Warm gooey cheese, crispy bread, and meat make one of the most satisfying meals.

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