Party Popcorn

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  This is party popcorn, and it is life changing! You will never be the same person after you make this stuff.

 Just kidding.

You will, but people will love you a whole lot more 🙂

   If you like salty/sweet treats, than this is for you! It’s tender white popcorn (popcorn without butter and a just a hint of salt) that is covered in white chocolate and mixed with pretzels, M&M’s and anything else you love. I like to add lot’s of sprinkles to mine!

   It is a great treat for any holiday or party! Just use the different colored M&M’s they have throughout the year. The pastels for Easter, red and pink for Valentines, green and red for Christmas…. you get the drift.

Party Popcorn

1 (3.3 ounce) bag Tender White Popcorn, popped
6 ounces White Chocolate Bark  or White candy melts
1 cup M&M’s (any color and kind you like)
1-1/2 cups Pretzel Sticks, broke in half

DIRECTIONS:  Place popped popcorn in a large bowl. Try and dig out as many un-popped kernals as you can. Line a large cookie sheet with parchment or wax paper, set aside.

Melt white chocolate bark according to package directions. While chocolate is melting, pour M&M’s and pretzel sticks over the top of the popcorn.

Drizzle melted chocolate evenly over the top. Carefully and gently mix all of it together to coat all of the popcorn and candy. Pour the mixture onto the prepared cookie sheet. Sprinkle with desired amount of sprinkles while mixture is still warm.

Let cool completely, and then break into pieces and eat! Enjoy 🙂 I like to store any leftovers in a large ziplock baggy to keep fresh for a few days.

*This recipe serves about 4-5 people. Double or triple recipe as needed to serve more!


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12 thoughts on “Party Popcorn

  1. Oh my gosh, Holly – this is so cute! I wouldn’t change a thing either…I know you could mix it up, but the M&M’s and pretzels are perfect..and the sprinkles – love them. My girls would go nuts over this one. I have some of the pink candy melts – how cute would that be?

  2. You are right…this stuff is super addictive!!! I love how easy it is to customize to your liking too:-) Hhhhmmm your recipe serves 4-5…mine only feeds me:-) I must be eating way too much. LOL!!!!

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