Cheesy Lasagna Roll-Ups

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Super simple and delicious lasagna rolls your whole family will love!The last time I posted one of my Pillsbury® recipes I said it was my last one. Well, I fibbed, guys. I’m sorry about that. 😉 I had totally forgot about these CHEESY LASAGNA ROLL-UPS I created and HAD to share the goodness with you all! 

Lasagna just became a lot more fun with these delicious and super-easy roll-ups. They were so easy to make and so fun to eat! These little gems are loaded with ground beef, cheese, spinach (your kids will never know) then topped off with spaghetti sauce and cheese. Yes! Bring on the cheese! What’s lasagna without cheese, anyway? 😀

You guys, these lasagna rolls are seriously delish. We loved everything about them. You can use your favorite brand of sauce or make some homemade and that would be even better. You can also substitute the ground beef with chicken or turkey. The options are endless and SO tasty. 🙂

One of my family's favorite dinners- Cheesy Lasagna rolls!


We love this version of easy lasagna rolls

These lasagna rolls are amazing and so easy to make!

Head on over to PILLSBURY.COM for my full recipe –> CHEESY LASAGNA ROLL-UPS

Super easy and delicious lasagna rolls. These are so good!

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