Menu Plan Monday #11

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Menu Plan Monday

    Last week was really special for my family. My Mom found her sister she’s been searching for her whole life! Well, it was actually my brother Doug that found her. He was able to find her through It’s a long story and I wont bore you with the details, but it has truly been a blessing to find her and we’re all still in shock! We’re going to fly to Chicago next month to meet her. I am really looking forward to it!

   Okay, so enough about that. Let’s talk about food! Here’s our menu plan for the week….

green salad
Grilled Shrimp and Pasta Salad*
green salad
Southwest Chicken Wraps*
Chips n’ Salsa
~Kitchen’s Closed~
Going on a little ‘Getaway’
for the weekend
with my Hubby! 🙂
~Kitchen’s Closed~

P.S.  I have some awesome recipes

I’ll be posting this week, so stay tuned……

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7 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday #11

  1. Wow! How wonderful for your Mom and your entire family! I am so very happy for you all! Just to think about gaining a new member to one’s family is awesome. Good luck on your journey! 🙂

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