Chicken Bacon Ranch Lettuce Wraps

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Seasoned chicken, crispy bacon, and creamy ranch dressing are wrapped up in romaine lettuce creating these Chicken Bacon Ranch Lettuce Wraps. They come together quickly with only a few simple ingredients, making them great for a go-to lunch!

Seasoned chicken and crumbled bacon are filled inside of romaine lettuce leaves. They are topped off with ranch dressing.

I am a firm believer that healthy doesn’t necessarily mean bland and leafy foods. You can still enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures without betraying the flavor department.

Which is why I aspire to bring you all delicious, flavor-packed recipes that are healthy! This way, you can still keep that diet in check while also enjoying yourself. đŸ™‚

These Chicken Bacon Ranch Lettuce Wraps are just the thing your taste buds are looking for!

The ingredients are simple, yet satisfying and the prep takes mere minutes. Simply grill or cook the chicken and bacon, place onto a piece of romaine lettuce, drizzle it with some ranch dressing, and voilà! You now have a protein-packed and savory lettuce wrap loaded with flavor!

Seasoned chicken and crumbled bacon are filled inside of romaine lettuce leaves. They are topped off with ranch dressing.

To make things easier, you can also make the chicken and bacon ahead of time and just store it in the fridge. A day or two later, when you’re looking for an easy lunch, just grab a piece of lettuce, the cooked meat, ranch dressing and assemble the wrap. Just like that you have a tasty weekday lunch (or dinner) ready to go!

When most people think of lettuce wraps, they typically think of a low carb option so they can ditch the bread, but still have a sandwich and they’re absolutely right! It’s the perfect solution to get those greens in for the day while also avoiding extra carbs. Not to mention, Romaine lettuce adds a light and refreshing feel to the wrap in contradiction to the richer meats, making these lettuce wraps truly spectacular.


Chicken, bacon, lettuce, ranch and a few seasonings are all you need to make these lettuce wraps! 

  • Chicken: boneless, skinless chicken breasts are my go-to with these wraps, but whatever chicken you have on hand will work too. 
  • Seasonings: all seasonings are to add flavor to the chicken, because no one wants a bland chicken.
    • Olive oil
    • Salt & pepper
    • Garlic powder
    • Italian seasoning
  • Bacon: freshly cooked bacon would taste best, but packaged crumbled bacon is another great option.
  • Romaine lettuce: you can’t make a lettuce wrap without the lettuce!
  • Ranch dressing: any sort of ranch will do, a homemade one would taste even better!



These wraps are easily assembled anyone could do it! Simply place everything between a piece of lettuce and you’re done!

  • Cook chicken pieces on medium heat with olive oil for about 10 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.
  • While cooking, season chicken with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning. 
  • Once cooked, divide the chicken between the four pieces of Romaine lettuce.
  • Sprinkle on some crumbled bacon and drizzle on some ranch dressing and you’re done! 
  • All that’s left to do is to serve and enjoy!

Seasoned chicken and crumbled bacon are filled inside of romaine lettuce leaves. They are topped off with ranch dressing.


In my opinion, ranch dressing is best (hence the name), but here are a few other options that would work:

  • Mustard: a tangy condiment that will pack a little punch.
  • Mayo: tart and tangy and a nice creamy alternative.
  • Pesto: packs a ton of flavor and goes well with the ingredients.
  • Hummus: fluffy and thick with a nice nutty flavor.



There’s a few different types of lettuce that would work well with these wraps, but no matter what you pick you can’t go wrong!

  • Butter Lettuce: tastes richer and is a lot less watery. Is also very sturdy and has broad leaves.
  • Romaine Lettuce: crisp and pull apart into individual leaves effortlessly!
  • Iceberg Lettuce: sturdy and are nicely shaped, meaning they hold the filling wonderfully.
  • Cabbage Leaves: another great alternative to lettuce, nice broad leaves that are sturdy enough to hold the filling. 


PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps: pieces of butter lettuce filled with Asian flavored ground chicken.

Taco Lettuce Wraps: butter lettuce filled with seasoned ground beef, corn, black beans, cheese and taco sauce.

Cheeseburger Lettuce Wraps: a flavorful burger topped with cheese, tomato, and a mouth-watering spread all wrapped up in a piece of lettuce.

Turkey Ranch Club Wraps: flour tortillas wrapped around a delicious center of turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and ranch dressing.

Seasoned chicken and crumbled bacon are filled inside of romaine lettuce leaves. They are topped off with ranch dressing.
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Chicken Bacon Ranch Lettuce Wraps

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut in 1-inch pieces
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning
  • 4 slices cooked bacon chopped
  • 4 Romaine lettuce leaves
  • Ranch dressing


  • Heat a large non-stick skillet over medium heat. Add oil. Season chicken pieces with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning.
    Cook and stir chicken for about 10 minutes, or until chicken is thoroughly cooked.
  • Divide the cooked chicken and bacon between the four pieces of Romaine lettuce leaves. Drizzle desired amount of Ranch dressing on each lettuce wrap. Enjoy!


Yields 4 wraps. 



Lettuce wraps filled with bacon, chicken and ranch dressing.
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