Homemade Salsa

Delicious and fresh homemade salsa filled with lime juice, jalapeño, garlic, onion, and tomatoes. Life-in-the-Lofthouse.com

   I am really excited for this week’s recipes I’ll be posting! I have a lot of tasty stuff in store for you all! : )  To start things off, I wanted to share with you this fantastic recipe for salsa. This deliciousness comes from the great Ree Drummond. This was my first try at homemade salsa. It was too simple, and sooo good!


   I will never go back to buying salsa in a bottle from the store. Okay, maybe I will every now and then, but I will definitely try to make it this way first. From start to finish, it only took 20 minutes tops, and that’s because I’m slow at chopping veggies…


Homemade Salsa
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Prep Time
20 min
Prep Time
20 min
  1. 1 can (28 oz) Diced Tomatoes, drained
  2. 2 cans (10 oz, each) Rotel (diced tomatoes w green chilies), drained
  3. 1/2 cup Onion, chopped
  4. 1 clove Garlic, minced
  5. 1 whole Jalapeno (remove seeds), chopped
  6. 1/2 tsp Sugar
  7. 1/2 tsp Salt
  8. 1/4 tsp Ground Cumin
  9. 1/2 cup Cilantro
  10. juice from 1/2 a Lime
  1. Chop the garlic, onion and jalapeno. Pour the canned tomatoes, rotel, onion, garlic, jalapeno, sugar, salt, cumin, cilantro and lime juice in a blender OR a food processor. Pulse about 9-11 times, depending on how chunky you like your salsa.
  2. Pour salsa into a large bowl or container. Cover. Place in the refrigerator for atleast an hour (the longer it sits the better) to chill and let all the flavors blend together. Serve with tortilla chips.
  1. *This is a large batch of salsa. Depending on the size of your blender or food processor, you may have to do this in two batches.
  2. *This salsa will stay good covered and stored in a refrigerator for 3-4 days.
Adapted from Pioneer Woman
Adapted from Pioneer Woman
Life In The Lofthouse https://life-in-the-lofthouse.com/
Delicious and fresh homemade salsa filled with lime juice, jalapeño, garlic, onion, and tomatoes. Life-in-the-Lofthouse.com

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25 thoughts on “Homemade Salsa

  1. Does anything beat fresh salsa? Seriously. The homemade stuff is so much better than packaged! I know I’m “guilty” of having a few jars in the pantry for emergencies, but I love canning my own and stocking the shelves with it at the end of summer. I think we eat salsa just about every weekend. Mmmm!

  2. Looks great Holly!!! Makes such a huge difference to make your own salsa. Mine is sorta similar to Rees. I guess most Salsa is similar in some ways..lol. But hey, we won’t blame ya if you break out the store bought stuff sometimes too.lol ;o)

  3. So glad you introduced me to your blog. Love it. I think I must make that chocolate chip cookie pie like right now. It’s staring at me on the right as I type this. As for the salsa…it looks so fresh and delicious! Have a great week.

  4. That sounds like a great salsa. We go through a pint of salsa a week (I have 4 teen/preteen boys) and I couldn’t afford it if I didn’t make it homemade. I love that this one uses canned tomatoes. It’s great for the non-garden season.

  5. Hi Holly! Thank you for coming to my site and leaving a kind comment. I love your blog! Wow I’m so admired of you for cooking such a delicious meal for your 3 kids after working full/part-time! I only have 2 and still struggle. I am following you via facebook now! Nice to meet you!!! Your salsa has a lovely color and pictures look really colorful and nice! Happy to find you!

  6. This salsa looks great! I have not tried making my own before. Got to take a look PW’s recipes, heard lots of great reviews!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a lovely site here, am following you. Have a nice day!

  7. For a truly authenitic Mexican salsa instead of a canned or processed flavor take 2 or 3 roma tomatoes some onion clove or 2 of garlic and jalepeno and roast in a pan make sure to add a little water to the pan and get out all those burnt or roasted bits when they are done for more flavor. Either mash it with a potato masher or pulse it a few times in you blender with some fresh cilantro. I dont care for the canned flavor the tomatoes add. Try this Holly just as quick and you will be so pleased. The same process but with tomatillos for salsa verde. this will be a huge hit and AUTHENIC. SOOO easy. 10 min. My husband is mexican.

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