My baby is 3!

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  My baby turned 3 last Saturday, and I’m still crying about it :*(  He is growing up too fast! I wish I could push pause and take in all the special moments. One of the most recent, and favorite of mine, was when I was driving him to daycare last week. I could see him looking at me in the rear view mirror when he said, “You so pwetty, Mommy.”

Gah! Talk about melting a Momma’s heart ♥  🙂

 Kallen is our last baby. A few months after he was born we decided three kids was plenty for us, so it’s bittersweet as he grows older. It also validates why I go all out for his birthdays. We celebrated with a big bash and invited all of his favorite people. It turned out so fun! I thought I’d share a few pics of the big day.

The Birthday boy!


He specifically requested a ‘Cars’ cake.
This was my attempt…
Some ‘Traffic Light’
treats for the partay!
We served sandwiches and lot’s of
yummy food to the party guests!


Present time!



After about 2 hours of partying,
he was done.
Seriously, done.
Ummm, wait. Maybe I’ll just enjoy one more
bite of cake with the boys…
And one more cruise on my new ride.
Happy Birthday, Kallen ♥
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8 thoughts on “My baby is 3!

  1. Holly! Congratulations! You are the best mom! I can’t believe he is that old already! What a cute cake and treats! Your fam is so lucky to have you!

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