Shamrock Shake (copycat)

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These Copycat Shamrock Shakes are creamy milkshakes filled with mint flavor. They’re so good you won’t only want to enjoy them on St. Patrick’s Day, but year round! 

Shamrock Shake is a creamy mint ice cream shake. Life-in-the-Lofthouse.comAs St. Patrick’s Day is slowly creeping up on us, I’ve been in the kitchen whipping up some of my favorite mint flavored treats in anticipation of the holiday! First up, is one of the most well-known mint desserts: a Shamrock Shake! 

Most of you may recognize these from the iconic ones served at the popular fast food chain, and that’s exactly where I got my inspiration! I’ve always loved the minty milkshakes they serve and decided I wanted to make them from home. So here we are, me bringing to you the simplest (and tastiest) shake recipe ever. 🙂  

With only a 10 minute prep time, and 5 simple ingredients, you can be rest assured these shakes will be anything but difficult to whip up. Simply throw everything into a blender, blend, and out comes the creamiest milkshake with yummy mint flavor.

Top with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a juicy red cherry and you’ll be in for the most delicious way to celebrate St. Pattys! You can even add some caramel sauce, if you’re feeling extra adventurous. I can’t have mine without it. 😉 

Shamrock Shake is a creamy mint ice cream shake.


All you need for these tasty Shamrock Shakes is ice cream, milk, mint flavoring, and food coloring! 

  • Ice cream: any vanilla ice cream will do!
  • Milk: I use 2%, but depending on your milk preferences you can adjust accordingly.
  • Peppermint extract: for that refreshing mint flavoring.
  • Food coloring: to get that light green coloring.
  • Whipped cream: a creamy way to top off the shakes to perfection!


Optional: although these aren’t necessary, they would make for some fun additives.

  • Sprinkles: I like to use green sprinkles to go with the mint and color theme.
  • Cherries: a big red, juicy cherry only adds to the deliciousness. 
  • Caramel Sauce: I love to add a drizzling of caramel to take this milkshake to the next level!



  • Place all of the ingredients into the blender (minus the whipped cream) and blend until creamy and combined.
  • Pour into glasses and top with whipped cream and whatever else you want.
  • Serve and enjoy!


For a thicker shake:

  • Ice cream: when buying vanilla ice cream, be sure to look for premium ice cream. This ice cream is thicker and richer, resulting in a thicker milkshake. 
  • Malted milk: if you don’t want to use premium ice cream, you could also throw in some malted milk powder. This will also give you a thick shake.
  • Less milk: the most obvious way to get a thicker shake is to just not add in as much milk!

For a thinner shake: simply add more milk!


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Shamrock Shake is a creamy mint ice cream shake.
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Shamrock Shakes

Prep Time 10 minutes
Servings 2


  • 4 cups vanilla ice cream
  • 1/2 to 1 cup milk I use 2%
  • 1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract
  • 4 to 5 drops liquid green food coloring
  • whipped cream
  • cherries
  • chocolate sauce
  • caramel sauce optional


  • Place ice cream, mint extract and green food coloring in a blender.
    Pour in 1/2 cup milk and place lid on blender. Blend until creamy and combined. For a thinner shake, add in more milk until shake has reached desired consistency.
    Pour in 2 glasses and top with whipped cream, cherries and chocolate sauce. Enjoy!



Shamrock Shake is a creamy mint ice cream shake.

Recipe photos updated 3/4/21
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  1. 5 stars
    Well i only had one this year , as i am no longer able to eat those kibds of desserts again less its all lite or fat free sugar free on a healthy eating program as my choclestol is not good , so it was a one time treat but i lovevto try yours maybe in a couple of monthscas i keep losing those pounds as a treat i will most definite try yours thanks so much, and hey do you have any low cal. Recipes i can try ,i can eat lots of fresh veggies, and fruits, but not alot of sodium or sugar .

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