Menu Plan Monday #150

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Menu Plan Monday

Easy skillet lasagna, grilled corn and more delicious recipes on MPM #150Hiya friends. Today’s Menu Plan Monday is the 150th edition! Wow. I am so grateful these menu plans have been such a success on my blog. I started doing them with every intention of helping readers plan weekly meals, like I do, to save on stress, time and money. I’m more than happy that they really have helped. I love reading your comments about them. You all truly make my day!

Here is a link to my very first Menu Plan Monday –>  MENU PLAN MONDAY #1.  I have to laugh at those first few plans because back then I didn’t post any pictures. And there were only a few links here and there to recipes. But the whole idea was to show you my real life and what I was cooking up (whether it was on my blog or not) and that you can feed your family easy meals most of the week without going crazy. lol

Menu planning has really changed our life in such a positive way, and it grew my passion for cooking even stronger. I can’t stress enough that you do not have to cook crazy meals with one thousand ingredients. There are so many easy, simple and healthy recipes out there. You just have to look and decide then make your list and get shopping! 🙂

Last night as I was writing out our family’s weekly menu on the fridge, Kale walked over and thanked me for it. He told me he’s thankful he has a wife that makes home cooked meals every week and doesn’t feed his kids junk all the time. (Emphasis on ‘all the time‘ because believe me, we do see a drive thru once or twice a week. Just keepin’ it real. 😀 )  But it truly meant the world to me for him to acknowledge that, and when someone acknowledges things you do it makes you want to do them even more.


Easy Skillet Lasagna

This skillet lasagana is delicious and ready in no time!


Chicken Street Tacos

Chicken street tacos! Loaded with flavor and so good!


Grilled Corn

This corn is amazing! We grill it all the time

and Cafe Rio Chicken

This chicken tastes like cafe rios. It is delicious!




Dutch Oven Sprite Chicken

This chicken is amazing! We always make this at campouts


~Kitchen Closed~


3 Packet Roast

This is the best roast ever!


Zucchini Cookies w/ Chocolate Frosting

These cookies are so soft and delicious. The chocolate frosting is amazing too!


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