Menu Plan Monday #136

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Menu Plan Monday

Menu_Plan_Monday_136Hey guys. Happy Menu Plan Monday. To be honest I am not feeling the best. I actually haven’t been the past week or so. I think it may be my gallbladder. I’ve been having a lot of pain in my upper right abdomen and some back pain. Ugh. I had a few tests done last week and I have another one this week.. I’m hoping we find out what’s going on because if it has to be taken out I want to get it over with as soon as possible. 🙁

I’m not sure I’ll be cooking much this week with how crappy I feel, but I still wanted to give you guys some recipe ideas! I know a lot of you look forward to this weekly meal plan (which means the world to me that you do) so I didn’t want to skip out on it. I hope it gives you some new ideas. Have a great week, friends 🙂


Loaded Chicken and Potato Casserole



Crock Pot Sweet n’ Sour Meatballs



Szechuan Chicken



No-Bake Energy Bites (for breakfast)



Chicken Ranch Pizza



~Kitchen’s Closed~


Twice Baked Potatoes (with grilled steaks)



Banana Split Ice Cream Sandwich Cake


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10 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday #136

  1. My heart goes out to you! I had gall bladder problems several years ago, so I can sympathize completely. I hope you get a diagnosis and get the darned thing out. That part is a breeze. The docs could not figure out what was wrong with me until I had a HIDA scan. All my best to you.

  2. Gallbladder trouble is awful to deal with. One thing I did was sleep with several pillows so it was like reclining instead of laying flat. Laying flat was painful. Thank goodness the surgery is easier now. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I do hope you are feeling better soon! Thank you so much for the great meal plans. I love to cook and is great to look at what others are doing in their kitchen
    Be Well

  4. Love, love, love your recipes! Thank you so much for sharing. My family really appreciates it! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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