Menu Plan Monday #145

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Menu Plan Monday

Raspberry Chicken, Alfredo Roll Ups and more family favorites on MPM #145

You guys, I am SO excited!! Tomorrow Kale and I will be on our way to MAUI! Ahhhh 😀 I can’t begin to explain how much we have been looking forward to this trip! This is the first ‘real’ vacation we will have been on together. Besides the trip in 2011 when we went to Disneyland, by ourselves, for 4 days. Not a good idea when you want to get away from your kids. We were surrounded by kids the entire time (duh, it’s Disneyland. What were we thinking!?) so it made us miss our kids pretty bad. We felt like bad parents just being there alone…

So yeah, after 10 years of marriage and raising three awesome (but coo coo) kiddos were finally taking some time for just ourselves to a beautiful and amazing tropical island! We plan to just relax on the beach, drink pina coladas, snorkle, go kayaking, explore and just have some good ol’ adult time. Yay!

Don’t worry that there won’t be any new recipes posted while I’m gone because I have some awesome ones coming your way this week! A couple of my close blogging friends are going to be dropping by to give you some of their favorite recipes. I know you’ll love them! Now excuse me while I go finish packing. Go take a peek below at a bunch of great dinner ideas for you! 🙂



Raspberry Chicken

Easy and delicious chicken with an amazing raspberry sauce!


Beef Enchilada Zucchini Boats



Sloppy Joes



BBQ Chicken Salads



Mexican Pizzas



~Kitchen’s Closed~


Chicken Alfredo Roll Ups



Lemon Pudding Cookies



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